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Millions of people are ready to spend untold dollars on Valentine’s Day gifts or experiences this year. Data compiled by indicates that individuals traditionally spend the most on jewelry, evening entertainment, flowers, clothing, and gift cards on Valentine’s Day. Fifty-two percent of people who buy Valentine’s Day gifts will spend money on candy, especially chocolate.

While time-tested gifts never run out, those looking for something a little different for Valentine’s Day can consider these alternatives.

Traditional: candy/chocolate

Alternative: Baked goods

Baked bites can be a welcome change from boxed chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries. Consider petit fours, which are delicious layered cakes about one to two inches in size. The popular Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise also offers Bundtinis™, which are slightly smaller than cupcakes and can be mixed and matched in a variety of cake flavors.

Traditional: Bouquet of a dozen red roses

Alternative: Flowering plant

Even well-maintained cut bouquets only last a limited time. A flowering plant can last much longer. Beautiful indoor flowering plants include African violets, bromeliads, orchids, peace lilies, amaryllis, Christmas cacti and jasmine.

Traditional: Dine out

Alternative: Feed the needy

Civic-minded lovers may appreciate the idea of ​​donating the time and money they might normally spend on a restaurant meal by helping to ensure children and adults in need have access to hot meals. . The Feeding America Network is a nationwide network of food banks that secures and distributes meals. Individuals can learn more about volunteering or how to donate at

Traditional: Lingerie

Alternative: Time spent together

In a survey of more than 350 women, Business Insider found lingerie to be one of the gifts women didn’t want to receive on Valentine’s Day. In fact, 97% of respondents were not a fan of receiving lingerie on Valentine’s Day. Spending time together doing something couples are passionate about can be more welcomed.


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