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Valentine’s Day is today, and as many of us continue to struggle with worries about COVID-19[feminine]you may be looking for virtual date ideas to celebrate the holidays with your significant other. Whether you want to stay socially distant or are in a long-distance relationship this Valentine’s Day, there’s a way to watch and share your favorite movies with your partner, no matter how far apart you are. It’s called SharePlay.


Apples iOS 15 The upgrade brought many exciting new features for iPhone users – Focus mode, real-time weather alerts, facial recognition to securely store your driver’s license and other identifiers in your Apple Wallet. But one of the most exciting new tricks is SharePlay, a new FaceTime feature. It allows iPhone, iPad and Mac users to share screens – and streams – with each other for virtual watch parties. SharePlay was not available in the initial release of iOS 15, but is included in iOS 15.1released in October.

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SharePlay is one of FaceTime’s biggest updates yet, making Apple a big contender with Zoom and Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party). You can use SharePlay to share your screen with your partner to watch movies, listen to songs, and more, while on your FaceTime call. There are a few caveats: Both parties must have installed iOS 15.1, and both parties must also be subscribed to any streaming services you share. But overall, SharePlay looks set to transform video calling and movie watching.

Here’s how to set it up.

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Apple launches new FaceTime features for iOS 15


How to Use SharePlay to Share Your Screen in FaceTime

Like Zoom, FaceTime will let you share your screen with others on the call using SharePlay, so you can share more than just music and videos. Apple’s suggested use cases include planning a trip together, browsing Zillow with future roommates, showcasing a video game, or helping a friend with a technical problem by walking them through it. what settings to change. This feature will also work on all Apple devices, which means you can share your Mac screen or your iPhone or iPad screen while on a call.

How to Stream Shows and Movies with FaceTime

Organizing a watch party in FaceTime is simple and intuitive with SharePlay. When you stream movies or TV shows with a friend or significant other, the content syncs across all devices and allows both parties access to controls. And you’ll continue to see and hear yourself picture-in-picture as you watch. Streaming services that have already partnered with Apple for SharePlay include Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok and ESPN Plus.

To use SharePlay, both parties must use FaceTime on a supporting Apple device. iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1 Where Mac OS Monterey 12.1. Another cool feature of SharePlay is that you can stream to your AppleTV while holding the FaceTime call on your iPhone. That way, you’re not stuck squinting at a small screen with your friend’s face blocking the show.

Shared streaming video can be cast from iPhone to Apple TV when using SharePlay in FaceTime.


Here’s how to set up SharePlay in FaceTime:

1. Start a FaceTime call.

2. Open a streaming app while connected to the call and choose a show or movie.

3. Hurry To playand both parties can watch the same stream at the same time.

How to listen to music with SharePlay

Using SharePlay to listen to a new album with a significant other or friend works similarly to a watch party. When sharing music, both parties will also have access to controls to pause, play, or skip songs in SharePlay. And you can even contribute to shared playlists by adding songs to a queue in Apple Music.


Both parties can add songs to a shared queue in FaceTime.


Here’s how to share music with SharePlay:

1. Start a FaceTime call.

2. Open Apple Music and choose a song.

3. Hurry To playand the song will start playing on both devices at the same time.


Share music in a FaceTime call.


One downside: the SharePlay subscription problem

netflix, Spotify and YouTube are some of the apps that won’t sync with SharePlay. Apple also notes that a subscription will be required for both parties to share streaming services (like HBO Max or Disney Plus) via SharePlay. In our time with iOS 15we put this to the test and verified that not only do both parties need a subscription to the shared app (if applicable), but they also need to download the app itself on both devices .

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So, if your friend or relative wants to share a TikTok video and you haven’t installed the TikTok app, you won’t be able to view the video on FaceTime. And before you get too excited, you also won’t be able to get around that by sharing your video feed via screen sharing instead of via the app itself.

SharePlay isn’t the only thing Apple recently announced. Discover the new Apple Maps features, like turn-by-turn directions that make it easier to know where you’re going. Apple also announced the new Apple Watch Series 7 with curved edges and faster charging, the AirPods 3 and a pair of new MacBook Pros. And here’s what you need to know about the iPhone 13 range if you are planning to buy the new phone.

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Correction, September 21: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that SharePlay was included with the version of iOS 15. It was available in the beta version of the software.


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