9 romantic ideas for a date with your partner in Malta



If you are looking to rekindle the flames, set the sparkler on fire, or just have a good night out in Malta, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are here to help you decide what to do after receiving the deceiver “Uwijja anywhere is fine“. No, anywhere is not fine; you will have a good time, and you will be commended for your initiative. There is no need to thank us, this one is on the house.

Here are eight ideas on what you can do with your significant other in Malta, along with some basic pros and cons for each. Enjoy it, you lovebirds.

1. Cinema & Bowling, like in the good old days

Do double

Whether it’s a romantic comedy, horror, action, or drama, everyone can enjoy a good movie. This is a fairly standard date; get yourself some popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy. There really isn’t much.

Advantages: You can do the classic ‘Access the 3D logo with your hand‘move and pretend to touch it, for a cheap giggle. If that doesn’t work, try shaking your hand lightly for more romance.
The inconvenients: No chatter

You may also want to go bowling. Now could be the time to wow them with your hand-eye coordination or just kick back and give it a try. Again, not much.

Advantages: You can be as strong as you want
The inconvenients: You have to reduce your competitive advantage… and wear ugly bowling shoes.

2. Late night driving

We know at this point that you probably hate traffic and everything about Maltese roads. But late in the evening, when there are hardly any cars around, touring Malta can be really relaxing.

There are many places to stop just to take in the view; The Dingli Cliffs will give you a great view of the stars, Fort Senglea and Birgu will both give you amazing views of Valletta (and vice versa), and from Għargħur’s Top of the World, you can see half of Malta.

Advantages: Experience the Maltese roads positively and get a great view at the end
The inconvenients: A car may not be the most comfortable place for a date

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3. Try a new restaurant!

Malta is full of restaurants, and new ones are popping up around every corner every week.

Take your other half to try one of these new restaurants. Get out of your comfort zones and try something new. Perhaps cheeky Indian, Eastern Chinese, traditional Maltese, or Mediterranean Italian cuisine.

Advantages: it can be great
The inconvenients: It might not be that great, and you won’t know until it’s too late

When can we start to eat

4. Find a dog and walk it

Everyone loves dogs.

If you already have a dog, great. If you don’t, try to find one. Ask or borrow, of course.

If you can’t get your hands on one, then you can just go for a walk. Fortunately, Maltese evenings are rather chilly. There are hundreds of places to go to watch the sunset and enjoy a walk with the boy / girl of your dreams. Enjoy.

Advantages: It’s free exercise!
The inconvenients: it’s exercise


5. Go for a drink and / or go out to a club

How about going for a drink and laughing can’t it be a good time?

Just because you’ve been going for a few months doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. Getting dressed and going somewhere nice for a drink can be refreshing and super enjoyable.

As an added bonus, watch your other half get a little drunk and start telling you all the embarrassing secrets she’s been keeping from you.

If you really feel up to it, go dancing and go to the clubs.

Advantages: Maybe it’s a new way to hang out with each other (+ alcohol)
The inconvenients: Wake up the next day

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6. Night swimming / relaxing on the beach

Hey, it’s summer after all.

Inject passion and romance into the relationship with a beautiful Maltese beach.

Say nothing, buy a bottle of wine, pick up your boy / girl and take him to the beach.

Watch the sunset, run into the water for a cheeky dip, and have a few drinks while relaxing on a towel. Does it sound like something from a movie? It is because it is. And Malta makes it possible.

Advantages: Very romantic
The inconvenients: Sand. Sand everywhere.


7. Discover an exhibition

Any reason to dress and be chic is already excellent.

Lucky for us, Malta is full of many amazing and creative artistic entrepreneurs who have a lot to offer.

Picking up bae and going to have a look at the art gives you both the opportunity to see these fantastic works of art and to feel extremely chic. Win win.

Advantages: You can wear that costume / dress that you spent a lot of time on and worn only once
The inconvenients: It’s a little stuffy in this costume, and those heels hurt

8. Discover Luna Park

During the hot season, Manoel Island turns into a beautiful funfair straight out of The Notebook.

Big wheels, cotton candy and games. It’s as good as any occasion to enjoy a romantic night straight out of the 60s.

9. Netflix and relax

Sometimes the best evenings are relaxed nights.

We know you’ve had a tough week. It’s been over 35 ° C for two weeks, and you just want to relax. Order, get into bed, put on a movie you won’t watch, and wedge your problems.

Advantages: It’s beautifully lazy
The inconvenients: it’s lazy

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Featured photos by Martina Agius and Dona Stele

What other suggestions do you have for a date in Malta? Let us know in the comments below!

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