8 Valentine’s Day Movies For Singles Streaming On Netflix, Apple TV, SonyLIV


There have been many Valentine’s Day movies for singles over the years. Some of them end up resorting to cliches while others pay an ode to the many joys of enjoying his company. On this Valentine’s Day, when we look forward to a less chaotic year, these movies will affirm the idea that putting yourself first should be an eternal motto – regardless of who you fall in love with or not.

8 Valentine’s Day Movies For Singles Streaming On Netflix, Apple TV, SonyLIV

1. Little Women — YouTube

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s coming-of-age novel, Greta Gerwig’s film follows the lives of the March sisters in late 19th-century England. There is grief, the search for one’s true identity, and the long road to freedom. Also pay attention to the detailed costumes that won the Oscar that year.

2. Wild — Apple TV

How many times have you dreamed of stopping everything, strapping a backpack on your shoulders and running away to the mountains? Well, something like that happens in this film starring Reese Witherspoon. Sentimental to the core, Witherspoon’s character embarks on a 1,000-mile solo trek and discovers himself along the way.

3. Breakthrough Road — Apple TV

Based on the harrowing fireball of a Richard Yates novel, the film has often been considered the gold standard of stories that show us, in stark detail, precisely what can go wrong in marriages that go wrong. collide with the walls of ego, pettiness and competing desires.

4. Marriage Story — Netflix

In this powerful film starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, the slow, winding pace of the mess that comes with a divorce is scathingly brought out. Do we pick up the pieces and carry on as if nothing had happened? Torn between happiness and the struggle to regain his individuality, the film’s nuanced take on singleness was refreshing.

5. Queen — Jio Cinema

This Kangana Ranaut star was like a breath of fresh air for her heartwarming portrayal of a woman who was ghosted by her future husband just minutes before her wedding. Determined to spend her honeymoon in Paris, she prefers to go solo and discovers for herself the many truths she would not otherwise have.

6. Tribhanga—Netflix

The theme of intergenerational trauma, a theme often explored in Indian cinema, forms the overarching superstructure upon which the stories of three women, spanning three generations, rest. Is choosing the patriarchy also a choice, and how to take into account the career rather than the children?

7. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu — Netflix

After a drunken stupor, two people realize they are married. When they decide to put an end to this haze of an amicable marriage, their respective families mount the strongest defense. What follows is a beautiful and moving exploration of loss, adultery and love itself.

8. Piku—Sony LIV

The film flipped the idea of ​​a devoted girl on its head, giving the character of Piku a warmth and sensibility all too rare in Indian cinema. It takes a road trip for a daughter, her pugnacious father and a friend to find each other despite the angers that fly away.

8 Valentine’s Day Movies For Singles Streaming On Netflix, Apple TV, SonyLIV


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