8 romantic movies to stream this Valentine’s Day



The day of the alentine, the most romantic day of the year, is approaching.

Looking for a movie to get you in the mood, or a different way to celebrate, or if you’d rather just celebrate the day at home, get comfortable and settle in for a night of indulgent movie watching.

Here are the best romance movies to stream:


The film highlights the lives of three people between two different periods.

The film stars Mahmoud Hemida, Ahmed El Fishawy, Aïcha Ben Ahmed, Amir El Masry, May Elghety, Mariam El Khosht, Caroline Azmy and others.

“Ritsa” is written by Moataz Fatiha, directed by Ahmed Yousry.

Marry me

Universal’s romantic comedy film “Marry Me” – starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Maluma – is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Bobby Crosby.

The film centers on a pop star (Lopez), who is set to wed his rock star fiancée (Maluma) in a massive Madison Square Garden event, however, moments before exchanging vows, learns that he is cheating on her with his assistant.

After a meltdown on stage, she chooses a random man from the crowd, a divorced math teacher (Wilson) to marry instead.

10 things i hate about you

The film is a modern adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew that takes place in a high school.

It centers on sardonic and moody Kat (played by Julia Stiles) whose bad attitude keeps her from dating, which complicates things for her younger sister, who isn’t allowed to date Kat until that she has a boyfriend.

Because of this, an elaborate plot is hatched to get the school’s resident bad boy, Patrick (Heath Ledger), to make Kat fall in love with him so everyone can date each other.

Al-Baadh The Yathhab Lil Maathoun Marratain

The film follows around a TV host accidentally causing his country’s divorce after official marriage contracts are destroyed due to a system crash.

It also stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Dina El Sherbiny, Maged El Kedwany, Bayoumi Fouad and others.

The film is written by Ayman Wattar and directed by Khaled Al-Hafnawi.


Titanic is one of the highest-grossing, best-loved, and most-loved movies of all time. It follows the passionate and doomed romance between handsome young people Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) and life-or-death struggles on the most epic scale imaginable as the greatest ship in the world flows.

It was written and directed by visionary director James Cameron.

An unforgettable walk

The film is another Nicholas Sparks adaptation that depicts a high school romance about an unexpected relationship that develops between rebellious popular kid Landon (Shane West) and uncool preacher’s daughter Jamie (Mandy Moore).


After her arranged marriage fails, a young woman (Jamila Awad) crosses paths with a free-spirited party planner (Ahmed Hatem), and sparks fly.

Filmmaker Mohamed Bakir directed the film from a screenplay by Mostafa El-Barbary.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

The film follows Lara Jean (Lana Condor) writes secret, heartbreaking letters to her five crushes, but never wanted to send them. Now they are out and wreaking havoc in his life.


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