52 romantic ideas to surprise your bae


With Valentine’s Day still months away, there’s no need to wait until February 14 to throw a surprise party or grant a wish for your loved one. A good partner knows to always keep some romantic date ideas in their back pocket! However, while one can’t have too many date ideas, there are plenty of other ways to show affection to your partner.

Romantic ideas and surprises for your partner don’t have to be grand or expensive. It’s usually the small acts and gestures of kindness that reveal our true feelings to someone. In case you haven’t read The five languages ​​of love (pst, You Definitely Should), author Gary Chapman explains the importance of knowing your partner’s love language. Apart from the many benefits, knowing it will also help you easily find romantic surprises for her or him, because you will know exactly what your partner will particularly cherish.

Whether it’s spending time together, complimenting them, picking them up from work, giving them a massage, or taking care of some of their chores, there are plenty of romantic ideas for her or his pleasure. Ultimately, the best surprises and ideas come from the heart. And while it can sometimes be quite difficult to come up with romantic date ideas, there’s no shame in researching cute date ideas online. It’s the idea that counts.

Below, we’ve compiled a long list of romantic surprises for him and her and cute little date ideas, some requiring little or no advance preparation. Do you like to surprise your loved one? How do you show them your affection? Let us know in the comments!


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