5 Common Christmas Gifts We’re Tired Of Receiving


Growing up in a household of “last minute customers” really taught me the tricks when it came to buying Christmas presents, writes Jay-Tee Davidson of Cape {town} Etc. If your upbringing is like mine, you know how chaotic December 24th gets. Shopping malls full of shoppers jostling each other and most of the time having absolutely no idea what to buy from daddy. Five hours of what had to be spent on the purchase of their gifts, you ended up “making yourself happy”. You knew you would end up getting a bunch of gift boxes.

Dear reader, I swear this is not an attack, and maybe only a few of you can relate, but how many gift sets can a girl get? I have been swimming in bubble baths for three years to avoid expiration dates. Christmas is a time to spread love, give and receive, a great experience and one to be thankful for. I just need you to hold back on the bubble baths, I’m set for next year.

All kidding aside, how careful are you when shopping for freebies? Are you buying what you think they need, or what they really need? The budget debate has just entered the room and I want to remind you that this does not have to be a costly affair. People have different needs, and most of the time humans just want a gift that says “Hey, I’ve been thinking of YOU”. Some of us are happy with a hand-written letter (frame it for brownie dots).

I am as guilty as possible of these crimes against Christmas presents. I, too, bought the special people in my life, a bunch of gift boxes. Not because I couldn’t afford anything else, but because of my last minute shopping trends. There is simply no time for it a day before Christmas. My Ouma starts shopping for gifts a few months before Christmas, so our “busy work schedules” don’t apply either.

Now that I’ve explained the facts to you, I need us to look at a few gifts that we should avoid buying, because I can guarantee that someone else will, and you probably bought them this stuff there. a few years ago …

1. Gift boxes with bubble bath and hand cream

If you like the selection of gift boxes, then go for it! This is the perfect way to say “go make you happy”. If your course looks like mine, avoid it at all costs. A gift box says “I was late and it was at the last minute”, enter at your own risk.

2. Shaving cream

What if they have sensitive skin? And if they are loyal to the brand. So many shaving creams packed out of reach, collecting dust. Let’s avoid that? Unless you’re buying gifts for the sake of buying, that’s fine too.

3. Food

Okay, some chocolate junkies don’t mind being spoiled with a box of something delicious on Christmas, but please don’t let that be the only thing we get. Imagine 10 chocolates, and only that, keep them for your friend on Valentine’s Day.

4. Cleaning products

As a young adult trying to make ends meet, personally I wouldn’t mind providing bulk cleaning supplies with tape wrapped around this Christmas. This might not be the case for most people though. Avoid the awkward silence and offer them a voucher instead.

5. Gag gifts

Oh, the giggles on that mini-golf bathroom set, or those beer glasses. By far the best type of gift to receive on Christmas Day, but forgotten and gathered dust two days later – gag gifts. Fun in the moment, and packed only to run into years later in the confusion “where did this bathroom cup holder come from”. You ultimately choose how your donation will contribute to someone’s life.

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