47 Breakup Movies To Help You Get Over Your Ex


From “Blue Valentine” to “John Tucker Must Die,” we’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s Day movies to remind you why sometimes it’s better to be single.

Breakup Movies

47 classic breakup movies


February 14 means something different to everyone. In a relationship with? It could be the best day of your life. Happily married with children? Maybe Valentine’s Day is one of the few date nights you get a year.

Or, if you’re like the majority of the world’s population, you’re single and may or may not be looking to mingle. The worst possible scenario for any anti-V-Day celebration is to wallow in solitude, whether it’s a choice to be or not.

Fortunately, no one is really only alone in front of a television screen. From classics like “Casablanca” to the well-worn comfort of rewatching “Bridget Jones’ Diary” for the millionth time, sometimes there’s nothing better than being alone and lost in a movie.

We’ve rounded up the best breakup movies to heal your heart this Valentine’s Day and even help you forget your ex-partner. Forget about love, there is nothing more powerful than a terribly painful and furiously electric heartache. So instead of texting your ex this Valentine’s Day (unless you really need their Netflix password), whip up a great meal for one, and gulp down those classics.

Warning: There are spoilers for movies that have been readily available for decades, as well as plenty of Ryan Gosling because no other actor can simultaneously lift our spirits while making us bawl. And, there won’t be any inclusions of “The Break-Up” (too on the nose) or “The Notebook” (so…we can’t even talk about that).

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