40 gifts for teens



This simple shirt is inscribed with something that simply celebrates the teenager he is: son, brother, gaming legend. In your favorite size, color and style, this cotton shirt is designed to suit your teenager. As simple as it is, it’s a super endearing. Get it from Etsy

Back to school

Just after Christmas and the end of year celebrations, comes the start of the school year. So for Christmas gifts, why not try a back-to-school backpack? It includes a sock, a personalized bracelet, a shoulder bag, a notebook and a glitter pen, as well as a personalized handbag. Love or hate school, he’ll be back with some cool new gear. Get it from Etsy

Gamer Duvet Cover

Christmas time is always winter, so a duvet is just right. Not just any duvet, teenagers are game boys, so this duvet designed for gamers will fit right in. Made of microfiber and polyester, it’s soft and comfortable, stain and fade resistant, and available in a range of sizes. If he’s a sleep-lover like most, this reinforcement is a welcome arsenal. Get it from Etsy

plasma ball

Forget snowballs and snow globes; give your teen this super awesome plasma ball. It has a dragon base stand, which just makes it look super gothic. Touch the globe with your finger and the electricity follows your finger around the globe. Do not worry; it’s completely safe. The best part; it also serves as a dust cleaning agent. This is the business of magicians. You can be sure her friends will be there in no time to experience her incredible magic touch. Get it from Amazon

Bluetooth speaker Nightlight

It’s definitely one of the most attractive and colorful on our list for obvious reasons. It is a bedside lamp that acts as a Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock. This device of choice from Amazon is one you might also consider getting for yourself. A lamp at night, an alarm clock in the morning and a music player everywhere; whatever the price, it’s theft. You can also choose your favorite color. Get it from Amazon


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