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Valentine’s Day may seem like a long way off in the future, but trust me, as soon as you finish (no pun intended) all your holiday shopping, it will arrive and be here before you know it. So of course you may always ticking off holiday gifts for all of your family and friends, but you should also get ready for ~ love day ~ because it’ll be there sooner than you think (I mean, no isn’t that how all festive occasions seem to go ?!)

That being said, it’s time to define your date idea, your sappy (but still ~ romantic ~) The Valentine’s Day quote has been queued for your IG post and maybe even your chosen V-Day outfit. But if after all that planning leaves little room in your budget for a romantic gift for your sweetheart, well, don’t worry. There are tons of inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts that you can always spoil yourself with, and I’ve rounded up some of the best of the best here.

From sultry rose scents to relaxing bath bombs and affordable candles that really smell like candles, I bring you the best Valentine’s Day gifts for $ 50 (or less!) That your SO will love, whatever the price. Whether you are looking for a practical gift that they will use every day or something super sentimental that will make them pale, there is definitely something here for everyone.

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this sweet idea

Pearl Wish Bracelet

Here’s how it works: Your SO makes a wish and every time that delicate little bracelet falls off due to natural wear and tear, its wish will come true.


that sex bath bomb

Sex bomb

Bubbles for the bath are fun and all, but do you know what’s great? A bath bomb dedicated to ~ sexy ~ time. This Lush bath bomb is literally called The Sex Bomb, so given that V-Day is all about love, you can rest assured that it will get you in the mood.


a daily newspaper

Five minute diary

The purpose of the five-minute journal is just that: spend five minutes each morning and evening brainstorming three questions. They are simple but thought-provoking and guaranteed to increase positivity. Plus, who doesn’t want to see their SI happy ?!


this sculptural candle

Venus candle

This sculptural candle doubles as a truly chic work of art, in addition to being totally trendy.


this pearl necklace

Lisa necklace

Hearts and Valentine’s Day go together like, good, hearts and valentines day. This cute little necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves fun jewelry.


this naughty clutch

Sexual stuff pouch

Why, yes, your SO could store their “Sex stuff” in this sleeve. But it’s also roomy enough for travel essentials, makeup, or whatever else you have. Also, it’s so cute (and there’s a lot more Cosmos merch where it came from).


these best-selling hoops

Gretchen hoops

Can we please take a moment of silence for these hoops ?! Believe me, I own them and they look and last like they cost well over $ 20. Gift them to your partner who enjoys a golden good time.


this sweet waffle iron

Mini Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Imagine having breakfast in bed with fresh little heart-shaped waffles, charges of toppings and the love of your life. True story: My mom gave me this for Christmas around 2019, and I use it almost every day.


Those party balloons plus dinner

Lot of heart balloons

You know this scene in the Sex and the city movie? The one in the restaurant with all the crazy V-Day balloons? Yeah, I suggest you do that, but, like, maybe at your house.


this sexy sleeper set

Kelsa Camisole and Shorts Set Black

Maybe you want to give your partner something a little sexy but still practical so that they can enjoy it more. This little pajama set from Bluebella is totally gorgeous with lace and just the right amount of sexy.


this supplement for sexy time

Moon Juice Sexual Dust

Sometimes we need a little ~ boost ~ to get started, hey, no shame. Moon Juice Sex Dust is packed with organic adaptogens that promote healthy libido and sultry energy.


this book of love spells

Cosmopolitan love potions

If magic is their thing, who cares. Crystal tonics, essential oils, perfumes, gem waters, elixirs, teas, bath bombs and witchcraft wines fill the pages of this ~ mystical ~ book written by your servant.


this flower forever

The Mini Round

Give your boo a fresh bouquet and it will last them a week. Give them a Venus Et Fleur rose, and it will last them a year.


these rejuvenating lip masks

Pack of 5 Collagen Infused Lip Masks

No one likes chapped lips, especially on Valentine’s Day. But since the holidays are in the dead of winter, these lip masks are a must have.


this gloss for a perfect pout

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Illuminator

Bend over, babies! Chances are, you and your boyfriend are going to kiss each other. This lip gloss from Fenty Beauty is just what you need for a perfect pout.


These luxurious pillowcases

Pillowcase 100% pure mulberry silk

These real silk pillowcases are so luxurious. Typically, silk pillowcases cost a good chunk of the change, but at just $ 32, it’s a steal.


that sexy Spritz

BeSeduced bedroom and body mist

Room spray, but make it sexy. This bedroom and body mist has notes of tuberose, lily of the valley and sandalwood for a warm and sensual scent.


this fancy essential oil

Sandalwood diffuser oil

Other sandalwood scents can easily cost hundreds of dollars, but this find under $ 20 smells like the real deal. Just add a few drops of this essential oil to a diffuser and the spot will smell like a million dollars in no time.


this romantic cookbook

‘Date Night In: Over 120 Recipes To Nurture Your Relationship’

An expensive dinner with overpriced wine and dessert that isn’t even free? I do not think so! Stay home this year with a delicious home cooked meal from this cookbook.


this splash-proof champagne flute

Insulated champagne flute with hinged lid

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate somewhere warm, treat your sweetheart to a romantic picnic and grab a few of these insulated champagne flutes to take away so you both can enjoy some bubbly.


these instant cocktail cubes

Trio of Minute Cocktail sugar cubes

Or maybe you prefer cocktails with champagne, in which case you need to get yourself a sleeve of those flavored sugar cubes that instantly turn the alcohol of your choice into a delicious, full cocktail – no mixologist required.


those salt tequila glasses

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Or maybe champagne Where cocktails aren’t necessarily your mood, and you’d rather go straight to ~ tequila ~. If it sounds a bit like you and your mate (cough cough, hi), these Himalayan salt glasses are just what you need to start the night off right.


this silky sleep mask

Mulberry Silk Sleeping Eye Mask

Sometimes the best gift is a good night’s sleep. This super silky sleep mask will soothe your loved one’s tired eyes, so excuse us in advance if your night ends early.


this cheeky game

Spark Romance: 50 Ways to Deepen Your Connection

These conversation starter cards will help bring you even closer. Whip them after dinner and let the sparks ignite.


These natural baths

Bath salts

Imagine it now: a warm, relaxing bath on a cold night with your boo. Now upgrade that tub with these incredibly luxurious and natural bath tubs, and you’ve got a vibe.


this alternative to the bouquet of roses

Rosé 2020

A bouquet of roses or a bottle of rosé? I know which one I would much prefer, and if your Valentine shares the same feelings, they would love a bottle of this for a gift to share.


these chic heart earrings

Ciena hoop earrings

How do you make Valentine’s Day jewelry cool and not out of date? Opt for a pair of trendy gold earrings with glamorous details.


this pretty potted plant

Echeveria Lola

Speaking of gifts, I prefer to receive rather than roses … Listen, I have nothing against flowers, but a cute little potted succulent like this will last way longer than a dozen roses.


this sensual massage candle

Glimmering massage candle, cocoa vanilla cream

A couples massage is not in the budget? This massage candle is a much more affordable option and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Just turn it on to melt the soy wax, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil, then pour it in and enjoy.


this pretty perfume spray

Ellis Brooklyn Rrose Eau de Parfum Travel Spray

A fancy scent is always a great gift idea for V-Day, but too bad it usually costs more than a nice dinner for two. This travel-friendly rose-scented spray, on the other hand, is themed and just under the budget.


this sexy lace bodysuit

Savage Not Sorry Lace Teddy

Of course, gift it on your Valentine’s Day or just show yourself by wearing it, because you are the gift.


these remote controlled candles

Flameless candle with integrated light garland

Place these flameless candles with twinkling lights around the room or along the table to set the mood, then put them out in the future when you want to install romantic lighting.


that cute lipstick

Steal My Heart Lipstick Pill

For a super-themed gift, here’s a heart-shaped lipstick that’s just perfect for the occasion.


this window frame

Shadow Box 8×10 display case for souvenirs

A sentimental person would love to receive a shadow box frame filled with their favorite memories of the relationship.


this roadmap for watching movies

100 Film Scratch Poster

Now here is a gift you can give together. Scratch off any movies you’ve ever seen together and start planning when you see the rest, or make V-Day a cinematic marathon night with a few movies from this list.


this technical travel case

Shockproof carrying case

Travel addicts will surely appreciate this hard protective pouch for headphones and other cords. And the pretty pink shade is Valentine’s Day, if you want my opinion.


this portable speaker

Bluetooth® speaker MINO PLUS

A gold bluetooth speaker that looks like $$$ but only costs $. Here for that!

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