34 Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her 2022


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Valentine’s day accumulated enough The reputation. All treats and gifts marketed to influence your perfect purchase are fine at best and unbearably cheesy at best. Do we really need all that plasticized chocolate in heart-shaped boxes and stuffed animals that are cute for the three seconds before throwing it in the trash?

Here’s the thing. Valentine’s Day is a holiday, and it can be anything you (and your partner) want. It helps to think of it as dedicated time to spend together. The gift that is a good gift is good because you give it to someone with an intention. You know he paid more attention to making slow coffee and afternoon teas. You notice that she hasn’t taken much time recently to coldness. I wouldn’t say it’s the thought that counts, but it’s the thought that makes a gift good.

This is step 1: simplify. 2nd step? Get something sweet but not over the top, something that will brighten up her week or make your date night a bit chillier. Also, don’t worry if you procrastinated to get this item. We’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to give, including fun, creative and simple Valentine’s Day gifts, most of which qualify for that fast free shipping we know and love. Here are the 40 best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone in your life.

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Portable coffee mugs are important, even if they’re only carried from the kitchen to the couch. Fellow’s mug is, one, beautiful and two, lined with a ceramic coating that won’t make coffee taste all metallic. It’s good for a new relationship, when all you know for sure is that they drink coffee regularly.

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Valentine’s Day collection

Keep it fresh and clean with these V-day themed soaps and scents from Dr. Squatch. Our favourite? Their Scentual Scents set, which includes an Alpine sage candle, two pine colognes, and a strawberry soap, will leave it smelling like a romantic getaway.

Lou Malnati’s Deep Pizzas + Box of Garrett Popcorn

If the best way to cross his heart is through his stomach, give him two of Chicago’s classic dishes: Lou Malnati’s deep-dish pizzas and Garrett’s popcorn. Shipping to the continental United States is quite fast and your order will likely arrive within a week.

Give him a luxury underwear upgrade with this 7-piece boxer brief set from Ron Dorff, one of our favorite athleisure brands for men.

6 month Audible subscription

Yes, it’s time. Even the biggest real-book nerd can get into audiobooks — you just need to get them with the right genre. Or help them help themselves. Nothing beats a last minute gift to a loved one than a subscription.

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Headspace rules and there is no getting around it. Its vast library contains recordings for everything: concentrating, sleeping, walking, and even working out. It can be used alone or in pairs and it’s about as easy as a last minute gift you could get.

Making coffee is a sacred experience, and a little decoration can help it show. This wooden stand saves the both of you from any dangerous balancing acts performed during a casting. Your wife will thank you.

The flowers are doing well. But if you’re bored (aren’t you bored?), get your partner a houseplant instead. Head’s up: Amazon Primes these babies, which is a well-kept secret among plant experts.

For those who cook at home and enjoy the experience, a little something special to add to the kitchen is always a happy gift to give and receive.

Foldable floor pillow

For the home that prefers a plethora of seating options, especially for those homebound in 2021, this lounge cushion is a game-changer. Use it to meditate, read, lie down or roll around like a pillow. What better last minute gift for Valentine’s Day than the gift of total comfort.

Give him the gift of travel with this date night package, which comes with six European wine hits to try, so he can feel like he’s in wine country without having to book a plane ticket.

Another idea that lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers: dried eucalyptus. They look cool as hell, first off, and they also have a refreshing scent rather than the funereal kind, thanks to cheap flowers.

For a cheap, simple, and last minute romantic gift for valentine’s day, print out a favorite photo of you together and stick it in a frame. It’s both thoughtful and incredibly effective.

A milk frother is the missing element in your kitchen. It makes everything a little more romantic, from a slow latte in the morning to hot chocolate in the evening.

Signature sauté pan in enamelled cast iron

Sometimes we use giveaway events as opportunities to buy something that would be nice to have, but maybe we don’t. need. A beautiful Le Creuset is just that special thing.

flower vase for female body shape

Sometimes we all have to have a little fun with extra-ness vacations, right? A wacky shaped vase is whimsical and challenging as heck.

Your partner doesn’t like Valentine’s Day gifts? Give them a soaking bath and an hour for themselves. Like a day at the spa, without any work.

It’s always nice to help make a home comfortable, and warm lighting does just that. This salt lamp bowl is the best last minute Valentine’s Day gift for the extraordinary meditation.

Yes, this is indeed another Valentine-approved alternative to a plain old bouquet. These dried flowers are much more modern and require no maintenance. Plus, you can order them for next day delivery.

Upgrade her entryway with this jewel-toned rug, which makes a thoughtful statement piece (and housewarming gift).

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase

Valentine’s Day has a penchant for recommending silky things to buy for your girlfriend. It turns out that silk is good for sleeping, as well as for sleeping.

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Keep his most valuable essential work protected in style.

It’s one of the thickest and most comfortable dresses we’ve ever tried. Good luck trying to get him out of bed once he tries.

Don’t give something romantic to the non-romantic. They don’t want it. Instead, just give them something they really want, like a new pair of their favorite sneakers.

Chimes Ginger Chews Varied 1lb Bag

Sure, a box of drugstore chocolate can be cheesy. But a 1-lb. candy bag? This is how you make sweets for V-day.

If you’re sharing a home, something a little special that you both can enjoy makes a great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. This diffuser is subtle enough to go with most styles, and you can change the scents to your favorite notes.

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Massages are another age-old Valentine’s Day gift, but they’re not always practical, especially if you’re straying from Yelp reviews. But a back massage available 24/7? Right on.

We know you think your boyfriend doesn’t want slippers. We know he thinks he doesn’t want slippers. But he wants these slippers. Trust us.

Ergonomic footrest cushion

For the no-frills partner more into ergonomics than romance, give them a comfy footstool to keep their home office running smoothly this Valentine’s Day.

With limited access to cafes, people are turning to their own kitchens for fun drink experiences. Help the tea lover with a teapot that steeps in plain sight.

And, of course, a tea that does the trick. There may not be more of a mix on the mark for this party than the one titled “Better than Sex.” You can judge this statement for yourself.

No need for strawberries with this bubbly: Billecart Salmon’s award-winning rosé champagne has floral and berry notes that are refreshing but not overly fruity.

Most portable coffee mugs are heavy and bulky and always inconvenient. And sometimes you just don’t want to use a paper cup. It folds up and stores easily.

For light sleepers, Bose Sleepbuds are designed to mask specific noises and lull you into bed. A bit pricey, but worth it for better sleep.

3 month coffee subscription

There may be no wrong way to gift coffee, but a subscription to a top-notch company like Blue Bottle is a different kind of entitlement.

Don’t underestimate the power of a gifted hoodie. Softwear is minimalist in style and maximum in comfort. Wear it around the house, outside the house and everywhere in between.

Candles always help set the Valentine’s Day vibe – and this on-trend option from Boy Smells also has a delicious scent of peach blossom, jasmine rice and white cedar.

Only true coffee machine connoisseurs will understand the power of a good morning brew. This one will change both of your alarm clocks for the better.

For the reader looking for a beautiful bookcase, a stunning set of bookends.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Obviously, this gift is not for all partners. But if he’s someone who enjoys a fine melon-infused water at the spa, bring the spa home to him.

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