27 romantic ideas for your pre-wedding photoshoot


A wedding is the most memorable moment of your life when you officially take your relationship to the next level. And while you’ll have many happy memories of the lavish wedding ceremonies that will last a lifetime, nothing beats a good old photo – a picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

The current trend of noticed marriage is one of a pre-wedding photoshoot which is (most often) shared on social media to break the news to friends and family. Some couples even go so far as to organize a themed photoshoot with professional wedding photographers. But if you don’t want to shell out too much money, you can even have your friend capture you and your partner using a good quality camera phone. These 20 romantic ideas will serve as the inspiration for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

1. In the mountains

Where you can live your Bollywood dream.

2. In a giant ballroom

Mostly in black and white.

3. In a convertible

Just make sure you don’t plan on putting your hair in an elaborate bun …

4. On a farm

With a theme inspired by Holi.

5. In a garden

Brownie points if there is mistletoe involved.

6. With colorful balloons

Silhouettes against a sky background …

7. Wear handcuffs (plastic)

Don’t hesitate to show your naughty side.

8. Sitting on a piano

With a beautiful skyline in the background.

9. In the perfect frame

It’s in a frame, it’s in a frame.

10. Against the picturesque mountains

Where you can steal a kiss… or 10.

11. With a majestic castle in the background

And some colorful smoke crackers to add drama.

12. In the busy streets

Where your love has the power to stop traffic.

13. On a boat

Where you row towards your own dream ending.

14. With carefully chosen accessories

That tell your unique love story.

15. In a starry setting

Where you only have eyes for the other.

16. In the Garden of Eden

Where you show your sense of humor.

17. Near the ocean

The ocean of love, we mean.

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18. On a beach

Two hearts that are forever linked.

19. Against the blue, the blue sky

Where the universe only includes you two.

20. Against the roofs of the city

Just as the sun goes down …

21. Among the historical ruins

Make this one for the ages.

22. With a theme inspired by the movie

Restore yours Ghost moment.

23. In an exotic foreign place

This couple shot against the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia with hot air balloons in the background.

24. In the backwaters of Kerala

All aboard the love boat.

25. Build your own decor that tells the story of your love

See between the interstices.

26. Underwater

Want surreal? This ticks all the right boxes.

27. On a boat, again

Where no one can disturb you both.


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