How Much Should Engineers Spend on Their Valentine’s Day Date?


How much you spend on your Valentine’s Day is not a measure of how much you care, nor does it mean so expensive gifts make more sense. Much like a handmade Valentine’s Day in elementary school, the best Valentines are those that come straight from the heart.

Since we know that many young engineers are budget conscious, we’re going to assume you must be wondering how much to spend on your Valentine’s Day this year. And we’re here to tell you that it’s totally okay to use the time you’ve spent with your partner to figure out how much you’re spending on the big day of love.

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Valentine’s Day Expenses – How Much?

According to a survey of 2,204 people by app maker Cashless, 70% of people plan to go out on their date for dinner and a drink on Valentine’s Day.

Couples who dated for less than three months are said to be the most frugal by limiting spending to $ 100.

They represented 44% of respondents.

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Couples passing the six-month threshold, however, say they spend more than $ 200 on their dates, which represents 62 percent of respondents. This concludes that others will be willing to spend over $ 300 or more for their dates. These couples are certainly the most consistent in relationships who are willing to invest and spend on their dates.

An interesting finding also suggests that 76 percent of women surveyed are willing to contribute to the bill. Men, however, over 78 percent think they should foot the bill.

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The median amount for men and women in all age groups was $ 50.

The average amounts for the different age groups were as follows:

  • 18-29 year olds planned to spend $ 62.04
  • 30-44 year olds planned to spend $ 82.86
  • Those 45 to 60 planned to spend $ 66.50
  • People 60 and over planned to spend $ 62.11
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When it comes to splurging on reservations, flowers, chocolates, or other freebies, people between the ages of 30 and 44 will spend more than any other age group, and millennials and babies. boomers will budget about the same amount at $ 62.

In conclusion, it looks like the standard spending for Valentine’s Day dates drops to $ 200. How much are you willing to spend on your Valentine’s Day? Let us know and comment below!

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Romantic ideas for a Valentine’s Day indoors

The getaway to beautiful places, the movies, the exotic dining experiences, the expensive gifts, the surprises, the flowers, the wine are what people plan to celebrate their loved ones this Valentine’s Day. But Covid-19 has hit our financial lives harder that many cannot afford to offer special treats to loved ones.

That’s why an indoor Valentine’s Day is a great way to say “I love you”. You know the saying, home is where the heart is. So why go anywhere else for Valentine’s Day? While others scramble for dinner reservations and book expensive getaways, relax and enjoy a romantic night’s sleep in the comfort of your own home. Here are some creative ways to turn your home into a romantic sanctuary and celebrate your love:

Prepare a romantic dinner

Most of us have a favorite dish from our favorite restaurant – the one we always crave. Have you ever tried to recreate this dish at home? With a little research on the Internet, you can actually reproduce fine restaurant meals at home. Start your day with a romantic breakfast in bed and top it off with a cake and wine tasting with your loved one. All of this is possible if you plan the daily menus and get all the items you will need in the market the day before.

Take a nature walk

Your travel or getaway plans can come to life if you and your spouse decide to take a nature walk. This is the best time to rekindle the little things you loved when you were still together. A walk around the small hills around your area, occasional hands, trees and beautiful gardens, conversation are all perfect occasions for the two of you to reconnect. Taking a few minutes to get some fresh air outside with your sweetheart will help you both clear your head, focusing on nothing but the other without any distractions. Imagine snuggling up with your partner as you watch a beautiful sunset. It’s not only free, but it’s also a memory that will last a lifetime.


Indoor ballroom

When was the last time you and your sweetheart went out dancing? As you get older, life becomes too busy. There is simply too much to focus on in our pursuit of success, wealth, and the responsibilities associated with raising children.

Spreading the living room furniture aside to create space, listen to great music and dance the night away is all you need to make this Valentine’s Day indoors a memorable one. Experiment with traditional ballroom dance moves such as tango or salsa with youtube tutorials or just freestyle it with your favorite music.

Movie frenzy

There’s no better excuse than Valentine’s Day to snuggle up under a blanket and watch romantic movies. There are far too many choices of the most romantic movies to binge on. Or, for something more personal, you can snuggle up and watch home movies or browse old photo albums.

Another idea is to watch the movie you went to see on your first date at the cinema. You can also follow the latest series and watch 10 episodes in a row while sipping wine. It’s a romantic way to look back on the early days of your relationship and celebrate your future together.

Turn off your phone

A lot of people have become too addicted to their smartphones to make 30 minutes without a phone feel like a whole year. In fact, research shows that people have become too attached to their phones and become estranged from their spouse in real life. People usually interrupt meals or conversations by checking their texts.

Even at midnight, men and women scour Facebook or Whatsapp posts to keep up with the latest jazz or are deeply etched in a group chat about a man caught up with another man’s wife. Simply unplugging our devices can go a long way in making this day a little more special. Unplugging on Valentine’s Day will allow you and your loved one to focus on each other, without distractions.

To play games

Some relationships are too outdated and boring because they are too formal and serious for life. Maybe jokes, fun, and play are what you need to bring your relationship to life. Playing and having fun isn’t just for kids.

Research shows that games are a source of relaxation and that they develop problem-solving skills, which can help strengthen your relationship. On Valentine’s Day, dust off your favorite board games, grab a deck of cards, or play Truth or Dare with your partner.

Of course, these ideas also work for date nights at home, not just on Valentine’s Day. Keep them on hand all year round to celebrate the person you love. Saying I love you to your significant other doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Don’t worry about how to make this Valentine’s Day special. Be creative and focus on the little things.

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Creative and romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

“My Luminous Love”, a heart-shaped bouquet of roses, created by Weho Empty Vase Florist

“Never love someone who treats you like you are ordinary“- Oscar Wilde

We couldn’t agree more and Valentine’s Day is no ordinary affair here at WeHo. Whether you celebrate this with your sweetheart or your lovers (we’re not judging), your best friends or yourself, this week’s episode has you covered in sweet treats at a romantic getaway – all found in our little “village” of West Hollywood.

Valentine’s Day conveniently falls in co-host Maxine’s birthday week, and it looks like our own Vanity Girl Hollywood had a memorable COVID birthday celebration while in quarantine at home with all of the kids. things that make her smile, including her favorite treat from beyond the “east side” of WeHo. You can surely bet that Tracy is getting ready to scour WeHo’s Little Russia neighborhood along Santa Monica Blvd to grab that jar of caviar for her February 14 plans!

Tracy and Maxine kick off the Valentine’s Day recap with the most obvious of the most obvious gifts for this branded party for lovers: flowers. These two clearly know where to go for all budget ranges, from Trader Joe’s to the Farmer’s Market on Melrose Place, to the hidden Flower’s Wholesale store just east of Crescent Heights, to the exquisite arrangements of the longtime West Hollywood florist – The Empty Vase. Insider tip: An arrangement from there is sure to win over all hearts you are looking for!

Both have a LONG list of sweets for your sweetheart with an emphasis on this three berry cake which is by far the crowd favorite at Sweet Lady Jane which features a special three berry cake, cookies and coated strawberries. of chocolate to complete your Valentine’s Day celebration. Tracy’s favorite WeHo adjacent Cake Monkey also has a variety of special treats, including heart-shaped chocolate and raspberry cakes with a personalized Heartgram iced on top. For a little Italian touch to your sweet tooth, Maxine recommends a gelato cake from Gelato Festival on Melrose.

If you are looking for a heart-shaped pizza, the new La Morra Pizzeria at 8022 W. 3rd St. is your go-to place! It seems that the adorable mother-son Parisian team of Salon de Thé on Sunset has grown to become a gourmet catering and event company. Tracy and Maxine have amazing ideas on where to enjoy the gourmet boxes on offer online filled with a selection of meats and cheeses, pastries for a poolside brunch at The Edition, and a Parisian box set with wine, bubbles, caviar and more, it is ideal for a movie night in the car in the street in Andaz.

Valentine’s Day can look like a lot of different ways, and WeHo offers everything from a cheeky package at Le Parc Suites, to Pleasure Chest… with Maxine saying it best, “let’s just celebrate your love”.

This week features a guest montage, two we’ve featured before, that are a perfect fit for this themed episode. Anthony Carro of Candle Delirium encourages people to break the habit of giving flowers and giving candles! Rose is by far the go-to scent for this occasion and Anthony has a long list to choose from including his own Candle Delirium line offering signature scents of Rose Noir & Woods and Suede & Smoke with his surprising cult following. Candle Delirium is open Sunday for your last minute shopping from noon to 6 p.m., open at noon on Sunday with pickup and delivery options available. Be sure to check out Anthony’s Valentine’s Day picks online.

Mikey Consbruck of V Wine Room celebrated his eighth birthday this week and installed retractable patio seats where you can enjoy a drink of your favorite with your sweetheart. He recommends pairing your wine upside down with your choice of food, but Mikey is really thinking pink for Valentine’s Day and has you covered for an “All Day Rosé” day with a fun array of bottles and choices. sparkling fun! V Wine Room packed their own house brand Grenache Rosé with a candle for $ 27. Tracy loves bubbles and there are plenty to choose from, including three pink bubble options: a Champagne from France, a Cava from Spain with hints of strawberry and cherry, and Tracy’s favorite sparkling red – Lambrusco. Make a reservation on the back patio for Sunday from 2:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and don’t forget the 20% discount on all bottles when you buy in-store. (Delivery is also available through Postmates and other delivery providers.)

This guest panel concludes with a local chocolatier, Annie Woo of Sweet Duet Chocolate, from Angelino whose chocolate-coated fruit can be enjoyed with a perfect pairing in the V Wine Room. Annie was trained as a French chocolatier, but went vegan along the way and vegetated her range of dates coated with chocolate, mangoes, apricots and pineapple. The range is completely vegan, organic, non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free. Order some for your sweetheart online and use code Weknowweho20 for 20% off online.

Here’s a rundown of the ideas featured in this week’s episode for your consideration.


To eat: Bristol Farms, Fresh on Sunset, La Morra, Olivetta at La Peer Hotel, Petrossian Restaurant & Boutique, Ronan, Saddle Ranch, Salon De Thé, Trader Joe’s, WeHo Bistro

To drink: V Wine Room, One Hope Wines, Belvédère

Candies: Bottega Louie, Cake Monkey, Gelato Festival, Georgetown Cupcakes, Gelson’s, Le Mervetty, Magnolia Bakery, Sidecar Donuts & Cafe, Sweet Lady Jane, Sweet Duet Chocolates

Gifts: Candle Delirium, Odessa Caviar, Hustler Hollywood (RIP Larry Flynt), The Empty Vase, The Pleasure Chest, Zen WeHo


Sweat: Carrie’s Pilates Plus, Dogpound Fitness at La Peer Hotel

To concern: “Sunset Strip Presents” at the Andaz

Stay packages

Hotels: 1 Hotel, Andaz, Hotel Le Peer, Hotel Le Parc Suite, West Hollywood Edition

It’s a wrap! Be sure to follow the podcast on Apple edited by Tracy, find out more on Maxine’s blog, and check out our Instagram curated by Lauren for daily deals and more. See you next week.

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