20 personalized Valentine’s Day gifts to buy in 2022




It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with an SO, whether it’s a month or 20 years, shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts never really becomes easier. Unlike a partner’s birthday or other winter holidays, February 14 has a theme (to like, in case it was not very clear). So while slipping a cute pair of socks or a little beanie under the tree might work in December, these kinds of gifts just don’t work as well for a romantic vacation. For this day ‘o love, you want your partner to feel like butterflies! You want them to shed a single tear because they ultimately realize how much you love them. At the very least, you want any recipient of V-Day gifts to feel extra special. And the easiest way to do it? Personalize all.

Of course, receiving a work of art as a gift is great. But a work of art that is a personalized portrait of you and your boo? Iconic. Even options like a luxurious wireless charger or a new dress are even better with the simple addition of a monogram. So, skip the ready-made gifts this time around and opt for personalized Valentine’s Day gifts instead. They may take a little longer to arrive than a water bottle with a two day shipment, but they are worth it.

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These love tickets

Personalized Ticket To Love Box

Remember those little coupon books you used to give your parents when you forget to buy a gift? It’s the grown-up, romantic version of it, but, like, ten times better.


This portrait

Custom portrait

IMO, a personalized portrait is one of the better romantic gifts you can give. It’s like immortalizing your love in art, folks!


This birthstone necklace

Personalized necklace with mixed birthstones

Give them a necklace that both holds yours and their birthstones got mixed up. So flippin ‘sweet.


This photo puzzle

Personalized photo puzzles

For the SO who loves to stay home and have a cozy night’s sleep, this photo puzzle is a wonderful gift.


This custom art

Wedding Waltz Custom Art

If you and your boo are married, go for this Great Cool personalized art print of you two dancing the night away. The vintage vibes are impeccable.


This cool letter

Personalized Letter Engraved on Wood

Why put your fondest thoughts on a piece of paper when you can have them engraved on a plaque? drink?


This chic luggage

Terminal 1 front zip hand luggage

For those with an upcoming romantic getaway on the calendar, you should definitely consider gifting monogrammed luggage.


This epic record

Romantic personalized song plaque

If your loved one is obsessed with music, they’ll love this vinyl personalized with a photo of the two of you. and your favorite song.


This self-care package

Monogrammed Soap and Napkin Box

Practical gifts can be great options too! This towel and soap set is ideal for your SO or a close friend.


These card coasters

Personalized Card Coasters Set

A map of where you first met turned into chic coasters? What an adorable and thoughtful gift.


This wireless charger

Wireless charging accessory tray

For the person whose phone is always on low battery, this awesome wireless charger (monogrammed, obvi) is perfect. And if you live together, you will also benefit a lot!


This adorable vase

Custom Faux Wood Vase

If you like to give (or get) flowers on the day of birth, take this personalized vase to hold them and make them look even better Following lovey-dovey.


This phone case

Stone Saffiano wrap-around phone case

Give your partner (or a friend!) A beautiful phone case with their initials on it. Every time they grab it to open TikTok, they’ll think of you.


This color block newspaper

Color block

This personalized color block journal is perfect for the person who loves to write everything down, including love poems.


This initial necklace

Initial Necklace

If they love jewelry, a little necklace like this is sure to bring on a few tears of joy.


This stationery

Burgundy Paper Stationery Note Cards

As a person with a partner who love stationery, I can safely say these cards would make such a fun (and useful) little gift.


This cozy dress

White bathrobe with waffle pattern

Pick up you and your boo in matching monogrammed dresses for an at-home spa day this February 14th.


This photo book

Hardcover photo books

Fill a photo book with all of your favorite photos of you and your loved one together, then spend the afternoon fainting with each other.


These sweet dishes

Keepsake Keepsake Dinnerware Set

Find your absolute favorite photos of you and your SO and turn them into these sweet souvenir dishes.


These personalized cookies

Shortbread cookies message of love

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, they will certainly appreciate these personalized shortbread cookies.

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