18 best perfumes for Valentine’s Day 2022, plus the movies to make it a night


Those generous about fragrance equate it with “armchair travel,” given that a whiff of salt-sprayed neroli, for example, can offer a momentary escape in a Mediterranean villa. But the chair is just a place to settle down and get comfortable. Every mattress salesman on earth will tell you about the 26 or so years you’re likely to spend in bed: a place for naps and Netflix, for sex and feverish recovery and good ol’ Z. After a few years marked by periods of monotony – almost in every way – has the time come to favor a new form of olfactory escape, in a new room in the house?

This collection of 18 scents could definitely serve as a simple Valentine’s Day gift guide. Whoever the recipient – man, woman, lover, yourself – there is a pearl to be found. But perhaps we can also call it a beginner’s guide to the “mattress journey”: fragrances capable of redirecting our relationship to sensuality, or perhaps simply to the desire to travel. The moisture-soaked white flowers of DS & Durga’s Jazmín Yucatan imply a warm breeze on the skin; Marble Fruit by Boy Smells, with fruity tannins against sandalwood and musk, could evoke the sensual sophistication of Luca Guadagninoit is I am love. This being a holiday synonymous with date night, each fragrance also comes with a suggestion of what to look out for. Let the pizza delivery take care of dinner. Here, celebrate the occasion with perfume and a movie.

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