15 Best Valentine’s Day Movies To Watch In 2022


Once again the promise to stay at home this Valentine’s Day seems obvious. With so much content streaming, it seems almost blasphemous to descend down the rabbit hole of an old romantic favorite. Consider this your excuse to release your snap. Whether you’re tuning in and snuggling up with a partner, close friend, or on your own, these are the best Valentine’s Day movies – we assure you, no fight is necessary.

1. Dirty dancing

The classic of all classics. When Baby is about to go on vacation to a sleepy Catskills resort town with her parents, she’s ready to rebel until she meets the resort’s dance teacher, Johnny. Johnny hires Baby as his new dance partner and things heat up between the two until Baby’s father, who forbids him to see Johnny, causes a rift in the romance.

2. 10 things I hate about you


The teen romance dream we never had. The One Story Idol follows sisters Bianca and Kat who couldn’t be more opposite. When popular Bianca learns that she’s not allowed to date her antisocial older sister, Kat, she has a boyfriend, Bianca enlists the help of a lonely, dirty (and potentially inflammatory) boy to wrap up the affair. ‘affair.

3. Romeo and Juliet (1996)


You know the chorus! The two well-established Capulet and Montague families of Verona, The rivalry between the two and the tragic relationship of their children Romeo and Juliet.

4.Notting Hill


Before Hugh Grant seemed to melt, he starred in one of the best British rom-coms in history. When famous actress Anna stumbles upon a passionate English bookseller named William, he somehow finds himself in an unlikely and awkward romantic entanglement with her.

5. Moonrise Kingdom

The sweetest movie to ever grace screens. Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom follows Sam, a 12-year-old orphan, who falls in love with Suzy. The pair flee to a remote island, prompting the entire town of children to search for the missing couple.

6. A Single Man

Tom Ford’s cinematic masterpiece takes shape as it follows George, a depressed middle-aged man who is on the verge of committing suicide after the death of his partner in a car accident. As he plans his day to put his affairs in order, a series of events occur that cause him to question his decision.

7. First Women’s Club


For those on the other side of the Valentine’s Day fence, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler will inevitably bring you reprieve. The trio play wives suddenly put out to pasture by their husbands in the midst of a midlife crisis and plot to take them out with the garbage for it.

8. Singles

In grunge-era Seattle, the lives and relationships of a group of young people all living in the same apartment building begin to change as the film follows the flow of their realities.

9. Before sunrise

best valentines day movies

For those of us who wish to be taken abroad. When Jesse, an American expat, meets Parisian student Celine aboard the Eurail, on impulse the two decide to spend the next twenty-four hours together wandering the cobbled streets of Vienna. Linklater produces some of the most realistic cinematic conversations between two lovers, including one of the most romantic non-verbal scenes we’ve ever seen involving a record store. Come for the poetic chemistry and stay for the beautiful cityscape.

10. Roman Holiday

A classic always to be revisited. Overwhelmed with her homework, Princess Anne played by Audrey Hepburn takes a break and heads for the Eternal City, where she meets American journalist Joe Bradley played by Gregory Peck who takes her under his wing as she hides in plain sight of all. The fashion, the story, and the undeniably heartbreaking chemistry between the two leads is enough to bring you to tears. A heartfelt option for those who always have a moment for black and white cinema.

11. Daughter of the Valley

If you give yourself a pass to see Nicholas Cage in a romantic head, please let it be. After dumping her narcissistic boyfriend, Val Julie’s daughter meets pissed off Hollywood punk Randy. The two quickly embark on a whirlwind teenage romance to the blatant disgust of her overly cool Encino friends. If you like LA nightlife, New Wave and 80s slang, this is the one for you.

12. Thelma and Louise

Not technically a conventional love story, but for those of us celebrating a rogue Galentine’s day, this is the movie for you. When mild-mannered Thelma joins her wild waitress friend Louise for a short trip, things go south very quickly when they kill a man and go on a run from the law. We know what you’re thinking, but shirtless young Brad Pitt, sexy female togetherness, and an American road trip setting are too good to pass up.

13. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

The symphonic story of two women in love. In 18th century France, the young painter Marianne is commissioned to paint Héloïse’s wedding portrait without her knowledge. Marianne must observe her model by day to paint her portrait by night. The two begin to grow closer as the impending wedding looms. It is a beauty for everyone, made with refinement and delicacy, showing in detail the longing for love.

14. Destination Wedding

Knowing full well that we couldn’t exclude our favorite idol, Keanu, from this list, we had to include this romantic duo between him and Winona. In a kismet twist of fate, the two leads were actually unwittingly married during the filming of Dracula, which makes the latter film all the more romantic. In Destination Wedding, the two are together again, this time as two disgruntled bachelors attending a weekend wedding. It’s funny, a bit quirky and the two still have a great chemistry.

15. Schitt’s Creek season 4, episode 6, “Open Mic.”

Not a movie, but a strong adversary all the same. If there’s one show worth gorging on with a loved one during this time, it would have to be the comedic genius that is Schitt’s Creek. This episode in particular which explores the very meaningful relationship between David Rose and his boyfriend Patrick. When Patrick humbly expresses his love for David in song, “Simply the Best” sets hearts on fire. Yes, it really is simply the best.

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