12 movies to binge on Valentine’s Day


After a hard day at work on a Monday, although it is Valentine’s Day, it is imperative to rest and later join that special someone in celebration.

Exhaustion can make it hard to have fun outdoors. For this reason, MyJoyOnline.com has brought the fun to your doorstep.

After extensive research, here are 12 recommended movies to enjoy with that special someone to mark the day of love.


This film tells the story of a couple who decides to continue living together even after the finalization of their divorce. They both own their homes and neither of them is ready to sell to the other or give it up. Well, sure, we know the last thing you want to do is watch a movie about a divorced couple on Valentine’s Day, but listen to it; yes, they may be divorced, but there is a depth to their relationship after they soon realize that living together after a divorce may not be so good after all.

But even though these two are divorced, this movie is about coexisting with people you might not be as interested in and rebuilding a strained relationship.

potato is streaming on Netflix.

The photograph

It’s one of the best love movies you’ve ever seen. It tells two parallel love stories, one about Christina who decided to leave behind her love, Isaac, to pursue a career in photography, and the other about her daughter Mae.

In the present, his daughter Mae is a curator in New York. His relationship with his mother and his mother’s story greatly influence his life. She meets a journalist Micheal, and the two begin to fall in love. However, when Michael gets a job in London, it begins to affect their relationship.

In the words of author Robert Jones Jnr, the film is endearing, velvety, mellow, jazzy and tender.

The photographwhich stars Issa Rae and Lakeith Steinfeld, is streaming on Amazon Prime.

beyond the lights

It’s a love story that takes you behind the scenes of a pop star’s life. Noni Jean is an artist tipped to become a superstar, but after winning a Billboard Award, she attempts to commit suicide by falling from the balcony of her hotel. Kaz Nicol, the cop in charge of following her team that night, saves her. Kaz isn’t happy about having to lie about what really happened, but an unexpected friendship with Noni leads to a great love.

Thanks to this, Noni, on the other hand, accepts his failures under his guidance and pursues his ambitions, unaware that he loves her.

beyond the lights is streaming on Amazon Prime.

The wedding party

What two things work so well? Romance and comedy and this movie is a perfect mix of both. Dozie Onwuka (played by Banky W) and Dunni Coker (played by Adesua Etomi), both from two wealthy families, get married.

But when their big day arrives, complications like torn wedding veils, exes, quarreling parents and unapproved wedding plans threaten to turn this beautiful day into a nightmare.

The wedding party is streaming on Netflix.

Picture perfect: 10 years later

A circle of close friends enters a new decade of their lives and faces more problems, from finances to relationships with husbands and romantic exploits.

The film stars Naa Ashorkor, Lydia Forson, Jackie Appiah, RMD, Adjetey Annang and many more.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

Lara Jean, a shy high school student, writes secret, heartbreaking letters to her five crushes, but never intended to send them. But when her sister does, she’s forced to deal with some of the boys, including her sister’s five-second ex-boyfriend and Peter, the boy she shared her first kiss with.

Meanwhile, Peter must make his ex jealous and hatch a plan to make Lara Jean his fake girlfriend. But this fake relationship takes an interesting turn.

To all the boys I’ve loved before and its two sequels are streaming on Netflix.

And if you’re single take inspiration from this, write love letters to all your crushes, ask your sister/brother/best friend to send them and see who responds, five chances are better than none, don’t is this not ?

The Good Old Days: A.A. Love

Speaking of love, there’s so much fun in reminiscing about the past. The glorious days when love prowled around, skipping like a happy child. For this reason, I take you to The good old dayswhere we see A.A. love bloom like a flower.

Directed by Kwaw Ansah, released in 2010, the story captures the love story of two friends. They find love in high school and must overcome obstacles to prove that what they have is worth fighting for. Love at such an age can be so fierce.

Not convinced? It includes Albert Jackson-Davis, Nana Akowa Sackey, Mawuli Semevo, Evelyn Ansah Galley and others.

Why get married

The next movie might seem a little off just by looking at the title, but it’s important to ask yourself every once in a while, Why get married? Sometimes it takes such a compelling question, which requires deep thought to realize that at this point, life cannot be the same without that special someone.

Although they seem like a thorn in the flesh, they are also the air you breathe – the butter in your bread and the many clichés that surround them. If you are not married, it is good to take inspiration from Majid Michael and Yvonne Okoro who are in a “Tom and Jerry” situation. There is still this eternal love between the duo.

If you are married, why not, remember the days when you thought everything would turn to ashes, but now, just a laughing experience. Why get married was directed by Frank Rajah Arase.


Let’s take a little walk around Yvonne Okoro. Would you be a vessel for a child and have no strings attached? If yes, then you sign the Contract. This is exactly the story of Abena Boateng, a character played by Yvonne Okoro.

The mind that designed this was none other than South African actor, HlomlaDandala. The film shows how the two figuratively live as cats and dogs. But what looks like a storm gradually turns into paradise when the two fall madly in love with each other.

Did the relationship start on rocky ground? Then this is the perfect film to educate you on how to right your wrongs and win her heart step by step. Contract was produced by Yvonne Okoro and directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso in 2012.

A Naija Christmas

What month speaks of love besides February? December does and it’s all because of Christmas. There is sharing and caring and romance is everywhere. It’s a mother’s Christmas wish for her three sons to find a good wife and settle down.

But she does not know that her eldest, in addition to being a womanizer, is also involved with a dangerous man. His second son is used by a beautiful woman, his boss and he is so in love. The last child has an affair with a married woman.

Like in a fairy tale, it takes a good woman to straighten the heart of her eldest, and the second child falls in love with her best friend. The journey that leads to their love is not easy. But all this would not have been possible without a reward for the first to marry.

Najia Christmas was written by Kemi Adesoye (screenplay) and directed by Kunle Afolayan. The cast includes Rachel Oninga, Kunle Remi, Segilola Ogidan. It is streaming on Netflix.

Mr Queen

Fan of tragicomedy? A chef admired by many for his immaculate cuisine finds himself in need after being sabotaged. He falls into a pool and the next thing he notices he’s in the Joseon period but this time as a woman and no one but the queen.

Mr Queen, Queen Cheorin has to perform the duties of a woman but deep down he is a young man who seeks every opportunity to display his flirtatious prowess. He fights against the king whom everyone thought mute. The king wants the queen dead. The slightest mistake, you are killed at this time.

Queen Cheorin finds a way to light up the palace with her spontaneous actions and begins to lose herself as a man. When she finally finds love in the king, he is torn away. However, she fights hard enough to start a family with the man who once hated her but fell completely in love with her.

Mr Queen is a 2020-2021 South Korean television series directed by Yoon Sung-sik.

The men we love

If there is energy after the work day, make an appointment. Tonight at 7 p.m. The men we love by YN Productions premiering at Silverbird Cinema in Accra Mall. The film stars Majid Michel who hasn’t been in a movie for a while.

The others are James Gardiner, Kofi Adjorlolo, veteran Eunice Banini, Tiktoker Jackeline Mensah, Angela Banford.

As the name suggests, find out on Valentine’s Day about the men you love. Tickets cost 50 GH₵.


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