10 Valentine’s Day movies (with a twist of horror)


Valentine’s Day comes and goes every year, leaving people with sincere sincerity or utter grief, effectively dividing the population into (respectively) love and hate relationships with the minor holidays. Regardless of which side a given person falls on, there always seems to be a certain amount of speculation about what to do. Whether it’s spending quality time with a loved one or waiting hours alone, dinner dates never go far and the inevitable movie night always comes with a tougher question. : “What are we looking at? ”

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There are only a limited number of quality romantic comedies, which is a unique challenge when browsing streaming services. Ari Aster Release 2019 Cue Environment, which brought a new audience to the weird and messy world of “horror-mance” and provided both “toxic relationship analysis” and “a mash-up genre masterpiece” in equal parts . While many viewers were disturbed by the sheer reality of the script, many more left their screens wanting more, but perhaps not knowing exactly where to find it.

While Valentine’s Day weekend might be over and dusted off for this year, there are plenty of days when nothing strikes like bloody romance on the big screen.

Life after Beth

Life After Beth (2014) is a wonderfully charming romantic comedy starring Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan as they face the greatest challenge their relationship has ever known, death.

Critically, the film did not receive fantastic reviews upon release, but the A24 production drew quite a few viewers who found a lot to like about this indie gem. For anyone looking for a fresh take on the zombie genre, with a fun humorous twist, this might be the one.


One of the most underrated movies of 2018, Mandy sounds like the nerdy type B movie to immediately drop in the local grocery store’s discount bin, forever lost and forgotten at mediocre ratings at best. Mandy, however, is an outcast.

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The second film by experimental director Panos Cosmatos takes Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough in one of the most visually and soundingly striking films to ever come out on the small screen. The film plays a revenge fantasy through a modern, trippy take on classic sword and sandal fantasy epics.


Carrie 1976 film

at Brian De Palma Carrie is a wonderfully imagined classic, and easily one of the best horror films of the ’70s, regardless of its seemingly understated scale and subject matter.

Carrie pulls a fast on the genre, appearing on the outside as a much more tame universal story with a romantic outcome and a solid lineup of hot songs to really push it into blockbuster territory. What awaits her, however, is a much more troubled story of a girl so terribly abused that she unleashes something dark in the world when her last string is cut.

Ready or Not

Ready or not samara weaving with a shotgun

A wonderful addition to the “good for her” cinematic universe, Ready or not (2019) is a nice little throwback to the good old days of horror for fun.

When a bride’s wedding night goes by too much unreasonable due to the groom’s eccentric family, she must take matters into her own hands or face an embarrassing fate that is not without consequences. Not only is the film a good representation of what it feels like to meet the in-laws, but it’s also a wonderful light tension exercise.


In one of Takashi Miike’s best works, the ever-prolific director takes a romantic twist from his classic, campy cinema.

Hearing delves into the world of industry exploitation and sexual misconduct, as a well-meaning director sets up auditions to find a healthy relationship while recovering from his wife’s death several years ago years. Not for the faint of heart, Hearing slips into some of the most disturbing torture scenes in movie history.

Creep 2

The sequels, while rarely seen in all media, can often exceed expectations and become fan favorites of the franchise. Creep 2, by independent director Patrick Brice, is one of these suites.

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Creep 2 walks away from the first film in an interesting way, almost flipping roles on the back as the original’s main antagonist becomes an almost romantic companion of Brice’s new protagonist. Viewers of the original should know exactly what happens next, but the way it plays out across the film is extremely fun to watch and comes with a handful of fun surprises and some really heartfelt moments.

Frankenstein’s Bride

Another great sequel, James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein picks up directly after the reconnected end of the first movie.

Frankenstein finally gets what happens to him, as his creation takes its just revenge on the Mad Doctor. After the monster kidnaps his wife, Frankenstein is forced to create a bride to appease the loneliness of his original creation. However, not everything goes according to plan and it quickly becomes apparent that both sides got more than they signed up for.


One of the most surreal representations of Lovecraftian media, 1981 Possession by Polish director Andrzej Zulawski is not just a horrific descent into madness, but a disturbing look at love and heartbreak at the height of Environment.

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The film follows a couple as they gradually sink into depression due to their upcoming divorce and adventures. As the time goes on, the slow-burning atmosphere becomes more and more disturbed as reality turns into fantasy, emotions blur, and terrifying grief mixes with ever-increasing supernatural evil.

My dear love

Another classic of the genre, that of George Mihalka and Steve Miller My Bloody Valentine’s Day (1981) is one of the best slasher movies from older years.

As a small mining town prepares for its annual Valentine’s Day celebration, a terrible evil arises from a tragedy that occurred twenty years ago. The lone survivor of a horrific mining accident appears to be back and is wreaking havoc with young people who saw him as nothing more than an urban legend.



Colossal was one of the more intriguing concepts on the 2016 movie roster, but inevitably fell asleep with several other big-budget films that took the spotlight.

While the year has been rich in fantastic outings, Colossal remains an excellent concept and execution. As a woman suffers from a nervous breakdown, a catastrophic event around the world takes precedence, but she soon discovers a strange connection between her predicament and this unidentified giant creature that is destroying Seoul. Colossal can only be explained as a fantastically original combination of “Godzilla meets Lost in the translation.

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