10 Incredible Movies for Your Next Girls Night Out


There’s no better time than spending time with your girlfriends. Fantastic friends, great wine, face masks and fattening junk food are all you need for an epic girls night out. Although gossip is the top priority, sometimes all a girl needs is to watch movies with her BFFs all night and laugh and cry about it. character fights.

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On emergency calls, it’s not wise to waste half the night scrolling through Netflix. So instead, it’d probably be wise to list your favorites before the next girls’ night is scheduled.


‘Bridesmaids’ (2011)

Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) life is a mess. So when her best friend gets married, she has to be the bridesmaid to win back her trust. Here’s a secret: she’s a terrible bridesmaid and, in a way, a bad friend. As the wave of weddings unfold in a daze, she faces competition from another bridesmaid to prove who the bride’s true (and best) best friend is.

With healthy (and sometimes very competitive) female friendships running the show, Bridesmaids is a great watch for you all who get upset with all the engagement announcements on Facebook.

’10 Things I Hate About You’ (1999)

Cameron James (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) can’t date Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik) to his angry sister, Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles), has a boyfriend. So like any sane man at his age, he pays Patrick money (health book) to date her. Eventually, Kat falls in love with Patrick’s antics and agrees to go out with him, only to be heartbroken.

Very loosely based on by William Shakespeare Tame the shrew, 10 things i hate about you is a perfect “boy makes a bet with a girl” trope for when you want to hate boys or swoon over Heath Ledger.

‘Set It Up’ (2018)

Harper (Zoey Deutsch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) are overworked, underpaid executive assistants to their workaholic bosses. So, in an attempt to finally get rid of their bosses, they concoct a grandiose and relentless plan to put them in place. As their plan leads to a bust and they decide to break up the couple, they just might find true love in each other and definitely better jobs.

Implement is a perfect combination of Horrible bossesmeets The parent trapwith a cute encounter that will have you fangirling.

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” (2018)

Whenever she has a crush on a boy, Lara Jean (Lana Condor) writes them a love letter (which she never sends, of course). So when her ingesting sister, Kitty (Anna Catcart), sends the letters to these boys, Lara drowns in awkward situations. She has to find a way out, and it comes in the form of tall, dreamy Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) – a boy she kissed during the bottle spin in seventh grade and one of the recipients of the letters.

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With an amazing fake dating trope and a boyfriend that’s every girl’s dream, To all the boys I loved before is a story that will give you and your friends the hot fuzziesEverytime.

“The Perfect Date” (2019)

Brooks (Noah Centineo) is ready to start college in an Ivy League, but there’s a problem: money. With the help of his friend, he develops an app that allows him to rent himself as a date, and the client can choose whatever he wants: a poet, a nice and friendly guy, a musician, etc. Although somewhat predictable, The perfect date has a feel-good factor that will keep you swim on tough days.

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If you watched Noah Centineo in To all the boys I’ve loved beforethis is your perfect chance to fall in love with her character all over again.

‘Insane’ (1995)

Josh Lucas (Paul Rudd) thinks her ex-sister-in-law, Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), is “a superficial space cadet”, and she thinks he is a brown-nosed profiteer who should go “torture another family”. Their massive rivalry comes to a halt when Josh comes to Cher’s defense, and they give in to their feelings to give their whirlwind romance a chance.

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There’s no way to talk about girl movies without remembering clueless. A classic enemies versus lovers, a high school makeover, and a young Paul Rudd? Check, check and check.

“Friends with Benefits” (2011)

Jamie (Mila Kunis), a “choose me” girl, quickly befriends Dylan (Justin Timberlake), an emotionally unavailable jerk after convincing him to take a job at GQ magazine. They discover they have much more in common than they initially thought and find common ground after sharing their disappointment in true love.

They decide to add casual sex to their relationship, only to realize that adding sex brings complications. With an absolutely unreal cast list including Andy Samberg, Emma Stoneand Woody Harrelson, Friends with benefits is your go-to push to get you out there.

“About Time” (2013)

While most people inherit their father’s hair or their mother’s year, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) inherited the ability to time travel from his father and ancestors. To make life more interesting, he decides to go back in time and find himself a girlfriend. As he attempts to woo Mary (Rachel McAdams), he realizes that the ability to time travel isn’t enough to win someone’s heart.

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Somehow, even when he uses his power (and a little trickery) to make Mary fall in love with him, About time does not go for a man who robs a woman of her agency and choice and is instead comforting and gentle.

‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ (2011)

When middle-aged Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) wife asks him for a divorce after he reveals an affair with his colleague David Lindhagen, he is discouraged. He seeks to discover manhood with the help of a new friend Jacob (Ryan Gosling), as they tackle the same questions about love and sharing your life with others.

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While the casting alone is reason enough to cancel all of your previous dates and have a girls’ night out to watch this movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a masterpiece in itself, even if you don’t faint for Ryan Goslingat present.

“The Kissing Booth” (2018)

She (Joey King) and Lee (Joel Courtney) have been joined at the hip since they were born within minutes of each other. Their friendship operates on a list of rules, and the most important of them: her sexy older brother is 100% off limits. So naturally Elle is drawn to Noah (Jacob Elordi), but she knows not to act on it.

But when Elle and Lee have a kissing booth for a school fundraiser and Noah kisses Elle, the rules may have to be broken and bent. Worthy of irresistible swoon, The kissing booth is a chick movie at its core.

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