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Sitcoms can be an escape from reality for viewers, but they also often reflect the very things audiences are trying to escape. Over the years, sitcoms have aired episodes dealing with pregnancies, marriages, and even breakups. However, one of the most popular life events that sitcoms have shown in various forms is the dreaded and exciting first date.

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From soul mates finally reuniting to goofy teens pretending to know what they’re up to, the sitcom’s first date episodes will have viewers laughing and even cringing their teeth. And the best part is, the first date episode can mean a lot to their characters, which makes them so appealing.

ten Full House: “Danny’s Very First Date” (season 1, episode 17) – 7.0

Danny sitting on his bed with his daughters at Full House

After the unexpected loss of his wife, Danny Tanner dedicated his life to making sure his three daughters were okay, not giving him time to date him. However, that changed in the middle of Season 1 when Danny befriended Linda, another single mom.

“Danny’s Very First Date” is a special first date episode as it tackles the difficult topic of dating after losing a spouse. Even more, the episode is able to tell this story from different angles, including how Danny’s two older daughters feel about him dating again.

9 The Prince of Bel-Air: “Just Infatuation” (Season 1, Episode 24) – 7.5

Will and Carlton standing in the kitchen with Ashley in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The fresh prince of Bel-Air’s first date episode centered around Ashley, Banks’ youngest child. After her older sister blackmailed Ashley’s favorite rapper Little T on her birthday, the two hit it off and agreed to have an official date. While Ashley is excited, Will and Carlton have reservations since Little T is a famous rapper.

“Just Infatuation” covers many different anxieties that come with a first date, which makes it so iconic. Carlton and Will grapple with the protective role of the older brother, Philip cares for his growing baby girl, and Ashley worries about traditional first date anxieties.


8 New Girl: “First Date” (Season 2, Episode 21) – 7.8

Nick and Jess walking down the street together in New Girl

Nick and Jess have managed to be one of the shortest couples in television history given that they started dating in the show’s second season. After confiding in their friends for advice, Nick and Jess decide to go out on a formal date, which turned out to be hilarious and disastrous.

From uneven expectations, to getting a ticket to the jaywalking and the arrival of ex surprises, Nick and Jess’ first date is one of the worst ever. Even though the date didn’t go as planned, the two are having a good time, proving that all that matters in love is chemistry.

7 This 70s show: “First Date” (season 1, episode 16) – 7.8

Eric and Donna bend over to kiss on That's 70s Show

Eric and Donna may not be the “it” couple of This spectacle of the 70s, but they have become memorable. Although Donna has plans for a “study date” with Hyde, she agrees to go out to dinner with Eric on Valentine’s Day. This is the highlight of the date cause things only get worse from there,

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Like many day one sitcom episodes, things don’t go as planned at first. However, Eric never gives up on his need to make it the perfect date and in the end he gets what he wants: Donna becomes his official girlfriend.

6 Fuller House: “Fullers In A Fog” (Season 3, Episode 17) – 7.9

Steve and DJ kiss in the kitchen at Fuller House

While DJ and Steve were one of the most iconic couples in Full house, they’re an iconic sitcom couple who almost didn’t end up together. Fortunately, they had their second chance in Fuller house, which led them to a second first date. Unfortunately, they are trapped inside the house due to the fog, which puts a damper on their romantic evening plans.

While their date might not have been what they had in mind, DJ and Steve still hang out together, which is what dates are all about. Plus, fans of the two were just thrilled to see them finally reconnect in a romantic way.

5 Boy Meets World: “Chasing Angela” (Season 5, Episode 8) – 8.0

Shawn and Angela watch Cory and Topanga kiss offscreen in Boy Meets World

After years of staring at his best friends Cory and Topanga in love, Shawn finally finds himself wanting a relationship of his own. However, Shawn doesn’t know how to set up a fancy date, so Cory does it for him, landing Shawn and Angela at a restaurant that’s far too fancy for the couple’s first date.

“Chasing Angela” is a fun episode as it juxtaposes Shawn and Angela’s first date with Cory and Topanga’s birthday. It also shows that no two couples are alike and makes Shawn and Angela a fan favorite couple.

4 Girl Meets World: “Girl Meets First Date” (season 1, episode 20) – 8.6

Riley and Lucas sitting in the subway in Girl Meets World

After several episodes of Riley and Lucas crashing into each other, Lucas finally asks Riley out after getting permission from Cory. However, Cory demands that it be a double date. Although the date takes place mainly in the subway, it is full of awkward and sweet moments.

Nothing says “first date” like being a college student on your first date, that’s why this Girl meets the world the episode is so awesome. The episode also ends with an adorable and iconic first kiss from the sitcom.

3 The Big Bang Theory: “Lunar Excitement” (Season 3, Episode 23) – 8.6

Sheldon watches Amy as she orders food in The Big Bang Theory

Wanting to help their friend in the dating department, Raj and Howard enroll Sheldon on an online dating site where he corresponds with Amy. Sheldon is skeptical but agrees to meet Amy at a local cafe. The two end up bonding over their hatred of dating and the rest is history.

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“The Lunar Excitation” is a fun first date episode because it proves that not everyone is excited about dating. It also ties in with the common saying that love finds you when you least expect it.

2 Zoey 101: “Trading Places” (Season 4, Episode 1) – 8.6

Zoey Video Chat with Chase in Zoey 101: "Stock markets"

Nickelodeon Zoey 101 created one of the most frustrating children’s shows of all time. After years of secretly yearning Chase for Zoey, the two are on the same page and agree to date. The only problem is that Chase is stuck in London while Zoey returns to the PCA.

“Trading Places” was slightly ahead of its time as Chase and Zoey were forced to have their first date via video chat. Much like in real life, their date was complicated by technical issues but the two made the most of it, which fans of the series liked.

1 Schitt’s Creek: “Grad Night” (Season 3, Episode 13) – 9.0

Patrick and Stevie sitting across from David at Café Tropical in Schitt's Creek

It’s ironic that “Grad Night” is the highest-rated first date episode on a sitcom given that David had no idea he was on a date in the first place. Instead, David thought that Patrick was just taking him to dinner to celebrate his birthday that his family had forgotten.

While the episode is awkward, it also houses one of the best romantic gestures on Schitt Creek when Patrick gives David his very first Rose Apothocary receipt. The episode is also hilarious, as David comes to the conclusion that he has an official date.

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