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Sheldon and Amy may not have been the most romantic couple in The Big Bang Theory, but sometimes they had moments of fainting. In fact, of all the couples on the show, they were the only ones determined to have regular dates. Thanks to their relationship arrangement, the second Thursday of each month was a date night, as Amy proudly bragged to Penny in “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver.”

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Despite their enviable commitment to spending time together, these nights were rarely the typical romantic evenings fans expected of them. Their dates ranged from tragically hilarious to adorably sweet and everything in between. Through it all, they’ve remained the funny, goofy, and at times frustrating couple that fans have grown to love.

ten First Date Chaperoned By Penny

Sheldon and Amy have dinner with Penny at a TBBT restaurant

Amy and Sheldon’s first official date took place when she was still, as he liked to say, “a girl who is a friend but not his girlfriend”. Penny advised him to go out with Amy at least once when he said he was considering having a baby with her even though they barely knew each other. As it was his idea, he asked Penny to drive him with Amy to their date and she joined them for dinner.

The date was hardly romantic with a third wheel at the table, especially when it turned into a conversation about Penny’s sex life. Throughout their dinner, Penny tried to get them to know more about each other, but neither Amy nor Sheldon was really into it. However, they bonded to some extent as they marveled at the men Penny dated on The Big Bang Theory.

9 The anxiety optimization date

Amy standing next to Sheldon in her lab for an experiment on anxiety levels in The Big Bang Theory

After struggling to advance his dark matter research, Sheldon found a way to use high anxiety levels to work better with Amy’s help. Although he was hyper-focused on work at the time, he showed up on a date at Amy’s apartment, but he spent all of his time working, despite his protests.

His commitment to show up on a date was commendable, but he might as well have ignored it since he continued to work instead of talking to Amy. The date also ended terribly when Amy kicked him out after he refused to stop working and had to take the bus home.

8 “Please pass the butter.”

Sheldon sitting on the floor with his head in his hand and Amy sitting against him in TBBT

While dining at Amy’s apartment in the episode “The Indecision Amalgamation,” Sheldon continued to talk about his struggles to choose between a PS4 and Xbox One, even ignoring Amy’s polite request to pass the butter. until she yells at him.

Even though Sheldon took it to the extreme, sharing his problem with his partner was something most couples could relate to. The Big Bang Theory pair. The date itself was simple, and Amy’s overreactions to Sheldon’s explanation were hilarious, especially when she yelled “Please pass the butter!” To her credit, although she dismissed her problem over dinner, she then supported him by accompanying him to the store.

7 Dinner at the cheesecake factory

Penny serving Sheldon and Amy at Cheesecake Factroy in The Big Bang Theory

In the episode “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver”, Amy and Sheldon had one of their official date nights at the Cheesecake Factory. During their date, Amy shared good news with Sheldon that an article she had written was published in a distinguished journal and he swept it up and focused on celebrating her 100 subscribers on Twitter.

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It was a typical Sheldon decision to dismiss the accomplishments of others and Amy was understandably upset about it. The rest of the date was not shown, but judging by Sheldon pouting later at home, it seemed to have gone downhill from there. The only saving grace for this one was that Sheldon had made up for being a bad boyfriend by buying Amy a tiara as an excuse and she absolutely loved it.

6 The birthday celebration

Sheldon, Amy and Raj have dinner together at a restaurant in The Big Bang Theory

While Sheldon and Amy haven’t had the most successful relationship on The Big Bang Theory, they made an effort to celebrate even the small milestones. For example, for their birthday in “The Date Night Variable”, they went to a fancy restaurant recommended by Raj. To Amy’s surprise and dismay, Sheldon invited Raj to their special night out.

The date had all the qualities of a romantic evening with the setting of a chic restaurant and Sheldon’s contractual obligation to ask Amy about her day and “engage in casual physical contact that a spectator disinterested could be confused with intimacy “. Things got a bit better after Amy openly asks Raj to leave and tells Sheldon to say something meaningful. He shared a few moving lines from the first Spiderman movie, which smoothed out the rough start.

5 Experiences of the mind and heart

Sheldon serves food on his plate while Amy holds a glass of wine over dinner at his apartment at TBBT

Amy and Sheldon’s relationship on The Big Bang Theory progressed much slower than everyone else. Sheldon was happy with the freezing pace but Amy wanted things to go a little faster. “The Launch Acceleration” pointed this out when she offered an experience at their date night to increase Sheldon’s feelings for her.

While video game-themed music isn’t the most usual background sound for a date, Sheldon loved to hear it and it was proof that Amy knew him and the things she did. he liked it. Although she used this knowledge to move her agenda forward, her commitment to making the night as enjoyable for him as possible was sweet and romantic.

4 Valentine’s Day dinner on a train

Sheldon and Amy kiss for the first time on a train in The Big Bang Theory

To make Valentine’s Day enjoyable for both of them, Amy offered to have dinner on a vintage train. Sheldon was happy about that, of course, but then he spent most of the dinner chatting with a random stranger and ignored Amy. When she got fed up and complained, he hit back by kissing her.

It was the couple’s first kiss and quite romantic, even if the moments leading up to it were terribly frustrating. Once Sheldon started paying attention to Amy, the date improved dramatically and the kiss was a big step in their relationship.

3 Valentine’s day at home

Sheldon and Amy sitting on her apartment sofa for Valentine's Day in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon hated the idea of ​​Valentine’s Day, but he agreed to buy some presents and go to dinner with Amy in the episode “The Tangible Affection”. Knowing how he felt about it all, Amy told him that they had nothing to do with any of it and that they could order and watch one of his “beloved things from Star War Trek. “.

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To show his appreciation for his consideration, Sheldon gave him a gift, despite the change of plans. It was one of the few times they both acted selflessly for each other. Amy was mindful of Sheldon’s discomfort with celebration and affection and stopped pushing him to do the things she wanted. In turn, he gave her a meaningful gift despite his feelings about gifts.

2 Build a cover fort

Sheldon and Amy sitting in their blanket box and smiling in The Big Bang Theory

When Sheldon was kicked out of a weekend symposium on “The Implementation of the Fortification,” he shunned it throughout his meeting with Amy in her apartment. When Amy referred to the rules of their relationship agreement against pouting on the date night, he pasted a photo of her smiley face in front of him to bypass it. To cheer her up, Amy suggested building a cover fort.

Sheldon had so much fun building Fort Cozy McBlanket that he was genuinely smiling by the time they finished it. It even led to their first sleepover together because he didn’t want the fun to end and it was a big step for their relationship. Unlike most of their date nights, they both had fun on this one and it brought them closer together.

1 Birthday’s party

Amy and Sheldon sitting in bed face to face in The Big Bang Theory

For Amy’s birthday in “The Opening Night Excitation,” Sheldon decided to take their relationship a step further. Her plan was to take him to dinner first, but when Amy found out what he had planned, she insisted on skipping everything else and going straight to the gift.

Intimacy was Sheldon’s biggest challenge, so his wish to be intimate with Amy showed how important he was to her and how much he loved her. It was also one of the few times in the series where Sheldon put someone else before him and both of them enjoyed the experience.

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