10 amazing Valentine’s Day gifts your pets will love


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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while you plan to send cards or a pretty bouquet to your loved ones, let’s not forget one of the most important people in your life: your pet. Pets deserve to be showered with as much love and admiration during Cupid’s vacation as our human friends.

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Whether you have a kitten, puppy, bunny, or any creature in between, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pets can be fun and filled with memorable moments that you will cherish for years to come. After all, pets show you unconditional love and are usually the first to be around when you’re feeling down. Show your appreciation with these 10 fun and tasty gifts that pets will love.

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1. Treats that consist mainly of brushing your teeth

Make those sloppy kisses more enjoyable.

We know you love your precious pooch, and like all loyal dogs, they love to greet you with wet, sloppy kisses. If there’s nothing better than these loving kisses, it’s hard to ignore their bad breath. This Valentine’s Day, treat your favorite four-legged friend to fresh, minty breath with these treats from Merrick. Almost 100 reviewers are obsessed with these treats and say they instantly take your puppy’s bad breath away.

Get Chewy’s Merrick Fresh Kisses Mint Breath Strips Large Brush Dental Dog Treats for $ 26.24

2. A blanket that animals can snuggle up with

Cozy, stylish, and comfortable pets are the happiest pets.

If your kitten or small pet loves to be cozy, this sherpa blanket will keep them warm. It’s small enough to take on the go to help your pet relax on long car trips, or to keep them warm on colder winter nights when they need more than snuggle up. Give your furry child their own fluffy blanket to stop stealing yours. Reviewers say this blanket is super soft and perfect for small pets like kittens, which is why it has a 4.5 star rating out of over 400 reviews.

Get the Harmony Cozy Sherpa Pet Throw in Pink from Petco for $ 5.24

3. A warm sweater that spreads love

For your small but powerful puppies with a lot of personality.

Let the world know how much you love your furry baby by adorning them with this adorable sweater. While red is perfect for Valentine’s Day, you might want to hang it up in a few other colors to give your pet a complete wardrobe. Whether it’s a cool night or time to take pictures, your puppy will be ready for any occasion. Over 1,000 Amazon reviewers agree that this sweater is ideal for small dogs and is incredibly functional.

Get the Blueberry Pet Pullover Interlock Dog Sweaters from Amazon for $ 17.99

4. A frilly dog ​​costume for Valentine’s Day

Be my paletine.

The furry “lady” in your life will love this darling skirt for Valentine’s Day, or at least you’ll love it. The costume has a retro style and can fit small dogs like yorkies or a pug. Watching them prance around in this lovely outfit will be a treat for both of you. Reviewers love how cute this costume is, but warn it can be small, so size up!

Get the Petitebella Red Polka Dot Heart Puppy Dog Dress from Amazon for $ 13.99

5. Bacon Snickerdoodle Cookies

Something sweet and savory for your furry friend

Made with cinnamon, honey, bacon, and sweet potatoes, these heart-shaped dog treats might get you to try them, too. Dairy free and homemade, these bacon cookies are the perfect balance between sweet and savory. Reviews say your puppy will howl for these baked goods, so make sure they know they are only meant for special occasions,

Get Etsy’s Bacon Snickerdoodles Dog Treats for $ 13

6. An adorable heart bow tie

Your dapper animal will be full of love.

These adorable ties will make you smile every time you look at your furry friend. Perfect for dogs, cats and rabbits, this eye-catching bow tie will steal the show on your afternoon walks. It’s simple, striking, and reviews say it won’t make your pet uncomfortable.

Get Etsy’s Valentine Heart Dog Bow Tie for $ 10.20

7. A champagne dog toy that escapes romance

No sniffing in the champagne room.

This squeaky chew toy is shaped like a bottle of sparkling good that you can laugh at every time it squeaks. For Valentine’s Day, you and your puppy can both “pop” a bottle and enjoy a quiet evening at home. Plus, reviews say it’s durable enough that even the most aggressive chewers won’t tear.

Get the Frisco Plush Champagne and Chewy Flute Dog Toy for $ 9.98

8. Bacon Treats You Both Will Love

The path to a dog's heart is through its stomach.

Dogs certainly can’t eat chocolate, but they sure can eat bacon! These treats not only taste great, they also smell great. Plus, they’re grain-free and made with real meat, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite furry friend having digestive issues after consuming these treats. Bacon is the language of love for all dogs and they will love you forever for it.

Get Petco WholeHearted Grain Free Dog Treats for $ 12.99

9. A cat scratching post made for royalty

Because they deserve to be treated.

This beautiful cat scratching post is suitable for the special feline in your life. Shaped like a colorful castle, this scratching post will provide your cat with hours of entertainment and a regal place to relax. It comes with two scrapers so your cat can rub all of their special stains the way they like it. Even though this castle scraper is lightweight, reviews say it withstands tough play and their cats immediately adopted it.

Get the Boots & Barkley Valentine’s Day Rainbow Cat Scratcher from Target for $ 24.49

10. A laser light that will get your cat moving

This light show can last all night.

It’s no secret that cats love laser lights, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Shaped like a sneaky mouse, this laser light will provide hours of entertainment for you and your kitten. According to reviews, it lasts for years and makes even the slowest house cat want to play all day. If you want to spice up your cat, this toy is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Get Walmart’s SmartyKat Loco Laser Electronic Cat Toy for $ 4.33

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